Jim Silva's Casino Room Key Catalog and Checklist

Printed Casino Room Key Catalog and Checklist

Second Edition Print Catalogs Still Available for Downloading

Dear Room Key Collectors:

The second edition of the print version of my room key catalog is now available. Below are sample pages to give you an idea of what the different versions are like.

The checklist catalog is a traditional printed version. A sample page appears below. The book is designed to be easy to write on and keep track of a collection. This catalog will be updated periodically to reflect new releases and information about older keys obtained since the previous edition.

Room Key Catalog

Casino Related Room Key Catalog

June 2008 Edition

Over 1,700 Casino Related Room Keys Listed
The majority of keys are from Nevada with cards from many other locations as well.

Here's a sample page from the full-size 8 1/2" x 11" print version of the catalog. It is designed to be used as a checklist and to make notes. This is a working book and you can write all over it.

Sample Page

PDF Download of the Print Version

The second edition of the print version is available for downloading in PDF format.
Please respect that this is a copyrighted publication and is only
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You may not make copies of this work available to any other parties without my prior permission.

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Payments can also be mailed to the address at the bottom of this page.

I also request that should you wish to refer someone to the PDF version of the print version,
please simply give them this website address (www.roomkeyguide.com) and not the direct location of the file.

Click Here to Download the PDF File

Contact Jim for more information or with any suggestions or room key "finds".

Jim Silva
P.O. Box 4324
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-4324

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